Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Tourism - How it works

  • 1   What is "Medical Tourism"?
    Travelling across international borders to obtain health care is medical tourism.
    Medical tourism (also called medical travel, health tourism or global healthcare) is a term initially coined by travel agencies and the mass media to describe the rapidly-growing practice of traveling across international borders to obtain health care.
  • 2    Why Medical tourism?
    Affordable Healthcare: The foremost and the major benefit of medical tourism is the huge gap in the cost of treatments. A heart bypass surgery could cost around $65,000 to $85,000 in the United States, while you pay around $10,000 to $15,000 in an Asian country. A knee replacement surgery could cost around $50,000 to $60,000 in the United States while you can have it done for approximately $6,000 to $7,000 overseas. Similarly, gastric surgery costs around $5,000 at medical tourist destinations while it is around $10,000 to $20,000 in the US.
    No Waiting period: Another benefit is to overcome the waiting period. Often the health care system in developed nations has a long queue and you have to wait for months or sometimes even a year. You can travel to foreign countries, receive medical treatment, and convalesce well before a year.
    Availability of treatment: Fraction of cost does not always mean a compromise in quality! Many of the most advanced medical facilities in the world don’t existing in developing countries which can be available in other country.
  • 3    Who are the strongest candidates for medical tourism?
    Any patient seeking high quality or affordable medical care can benefit from D3M.
    Anyone experiencing a serious medical procedure, such as neurosurgery, heart or orthopedic surgery and the same is either not available or is very costly in your respected country.
    Patients seeking treatments that are routinely performed in India, but not approved in other countries (e.g. robot assisted joint replacement).
    Wait-listed patients with chronic pain or disability.
    Those procedures which are not covered by local insurance plans.
  • 4    How much will I save if I have an operation in India?
    The savings will vary by procedure, but typically the cost of medical care provided through D3M cost will be 60-80% less.
    Prices may vary according to your preferences for afore-mentioned factors. However, the total cost of the entire package will still, generally speaking, be at about 50-80% less than what an equivalent treatment would cost in the USA, UK and other developed countries.
  • 5    Would my health insurance cover treatments abroad?
    It depends upon the insurance company and your policy. It is highly advisable to check prior if you are looking for it. We will follow all guidelines outlined by your insurance company and also provide you all required documents for re-imbursement.
  • 6    Why does it cost so much less for treatment in India?
    Healthcare cost structure in India is less expensive. Due to huge domestic population in India, hospitals and physicians gets large volume of patients hence per patient cost is low. Physicians and hospitals charge less, medications are less expensive, staff salaries and other overhead costs are considerably lower. The overheads resulting from malpractice insurance and other related costs faced by medical facilities in other countries are nil in India.
  • 7    What's included in the cost of care through D3M
    The cost of the medical procedure quoted to patients by D3M is all-inclusive. It includes transportation, case management, the cost of the procedure, medicines, hospitalization and all costs associated with onsite follow-up care. Any exclusion will be clearly stated out.
  • 8    What about the quality of medical care in Indian hospitals?
    There is no doubt at all for the high standards of healthcare by Indian hospitals and its quality of physicians and surgeons. Some of the leading Indian hospitals enjoy a surgery success rate much higher than reputed hospitals of developed countries. They use latest equipments and adhere to advanced procedures that are followed in advanced countries. D3M selects best hospitals and reputed physicians/surgeons. Many institutes in India are accredited by JCI, ISO and NABH; hence the care provided by them is equivalent to their counterparts in developed countries.
  • 9    How well-trained are the doctors?
    These are doctors who work in internationally accredited institutions, all prominently well known and respected in their fields. They are all board certified and most of them were practicing in the United States at some point, and are still visiting physicians/surgeons at major healthcare centers abroad.
  • 10   What kind of procedures can I have done in India?
    While many of our affiliated hospitals have specialist divisions in neurosurgery, cardiology, obesity or weight loss surgery, joint replacement, ophthalmology you can have almost any procedure done on your medical holiday. If you don't see the surgery that you require, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to find a hospital that provides that service.
  • 11   How do you select your affiliate hospitals / physician / surgeons?
    D3M is affiliated with many known hospitals most of whom are JCI, ISO or NABH accredited, through personal visits and relationship measures. On personal meeting we share the mission and vision of D3M. We selected those who share a similar vision. Out of them.
  • 12   Can't I access these Indian healthcare facilities directly?
    You can access those hospitals directly as well if you are willing to take the hassle of searching and finding providers, booking your own appointments, buying tickets, arranging for your visa, searching for your accommodation etc. D3M takes away this hassle and readily make available multiple options for your selection. Remember, it is ultimately your health and you do not want to get bogged down by other parameters accompanying the trip.
  • 13    What value addition does D3M offer?
    D3M provides unbiased, best and bargained healthcare option to its patients.
    D3M provides personal care to patient immediately upon arrival.
    D3M is owned by doctor; hence it adds value by providing guidance / assistance to patient in a clinical matter. We also have very close relationships with the hospitals and doctors. We adhere to world class hospital management practices and ethics.
  • 14    Is it advisable to discuss about my decision for going abroad treatment with my primary care physician?
    It is wise to let your primary care physician know your plans to receive medical treatment overseas. It is common for doctors to be a little skeptical of the idea, however, it is best to share materials about international hospitals accredited by U.S. standards and the overseas physicians credentials and procedure cost.
  • 15    How Do I start the process?
    We encourage you to thoroughly visit our site, in order to be able to make an informed decision.
    Register yourself as patient which is completely free of cost. On receipt of information from you we will guide you to proceed ahead.
    You can email us, we will be happy to provide whatever information you need.
    Call us to discuss the matter personally (contact us).
  • 16    Do I get to choose my preferred hospital for treatment?
    Yes. We will provide unbiased multiple options of hospitals for your reference from which you can decide for yourself.
  • 17    Can I become familiar with my overseas physician before I go for treatment?
    Yes sure. After interpretation of your data, the physician/surgeon and his/her team will communicate with you telephonically, through emails or through video conference. Besides that you are free to ask any question which we will follow up and promptly respond. In short, we will provide you as many interactions as you want with the physician/surgeon. We also encourage asking as many questions you have as this will provide more clarification upfront.
  • 18    Can I communicate with Doctor before coming there to understand more about treatment?
    This is very important. Once the doctor views and interprets your case, he/she will finalize a line of treatment depending upon the option you chose. We have collaborative tools which has video conferencing, white board and document sharing facility through which you will be able to provide complete understanding as if you are across the table.
  • 19    How soon must I make the payment?
    You will be required to make a deposit prior to going for your procedure. The balance of the payment is due either before or upon treatment. With D3M you have an option to pay us or directly to hospital or travel company.
  • 20    What about my follow ups once I return from my trip?
    We use internet based applications for follow up purposes. We will schedule automatic reminders of diagnosis tests conveniently. You need to enter your results in our web application which can then be viewed by your treatment provider. We will also conduct periodic video conferencing sessions on a need basis for any clarification. Your follow up is ensured until you have fully recovered.
    Even for document transfering we will provide you FTP (file transfer protocol) address also, from which you can send your scan document any time, we are available round-the-clock (24x7x365) for your service.
  • 21    Can I take a companion with me?
    Yes obviously, it may depend upon the seriousness of your treatment and your physical condition. In any case we assure you our full support always. Our personnel will assist you throughout your journey. In case you decide to have a companion; we will provide arrangements for accommodations, food and transportation for them at an added cost.
  • 22    Will my family and friend will be aware about my progress while my surgery is going on?
    We will be in constant touch with the persons whom you have disclosed in your personal contact information and will provide them with regular updates on your health. Upon doctor's approval, we will facilitate conference call with your contact persons.
  • 23    What happens if something goes wrong?
    As with all medical procedures, there is the possibility that medical outcomes may not be optimal. In instances where medical mistakes or malpractice is believed to have occurred, patients have the right to seek redress in the Indian court system.

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